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The Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Pizza


The ingredients to make a perfect pizza are simple at their core, so why are so many pizzas subpar? That is because the ingredients that go into them are not fresh, local, or frozen. Fantastic pizza is uncomplicated: dough, sauce, cheese, and as many toppings as you like. Toppings are extra though, as what goes into making a great pizza is the ingredients and preparing them the right way. Here are the right ingredients, and what you need to do to them, to get the best pizza you've ever tasted!

The core of every pizza, and what will make or break it, is the crust. Whether you have a thin crust pizza, a traditional pizza, or a pan pizza, the crust is a must. Pizza dough is very basic when you actually put it together. Flour, salt, yeast, and water all combined make the delicious dough. When you're using the right kind of flour though, it makes all the difference. At Pizza Knight, our motto is "trust the crust," and we believe that crust is more than just a vehicle for the delicious toppings on our menu. When you have the best base, you end up with the best pizza and calzones. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, no sitting around in the fridge, and we proudly use 100% Canadian wheat. What sets our pizza dough apart is the herb infusion that we use. Every pizza is infused with real Greek oregano, adding a flavour experience you'll love. Flour, salt, yeast, water, and in our case, Oregano, make up the perfect pizza dough.

Once you have a great pizza dough, you need the perfect sauce to top it off. Like pizza dough, pizza sauce needs to be simple. The key to the best pizza you'll ever eat is always in its simplicity! We believe that the most important thing to a good sauce is that it is fresh. We make our sauce out of Canadian tomatoes so that we can guarantee that our ingredients are fresh and haven't travelled across oceans to arrive at our doorstep. Our sauce is not the only thing that goes on top of our pizza dough. To add flavour and keep the crust crisp and delicious we brush our crust with fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil. We believe that this adds bite to the pizza that is missing from other pizza delivery restaurants.

While a delicious cheese pizza is perfect on its own, toppings can really elevate the whole experience. With the perfect dough, delicious garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, and fresh sauce, you would never want to bring a pizza down with subpar ingredients. This is why you need to have premium vegetables that you source from local farmers as we do at Pizza Knight. Shop at a farmers market to find the best produce to top your pizza, and you won't be disappointed. The same goes for meat toppings. Find meat that is fresh, never frozen, and buy in small batches so that it isn't sitting around in your fridge.

Great pizza is simple. Dough, sauce, cheese, toppings. Doing it well can be hard. The ingredients need to be top quality and always fresh. At Pizza Knight, this is how we make our pizza, and we know it is the best pizza in Surrey and the top pizza in Langley. If you want a quality pizza experience, order from Pizza Knight today. "Trust the crust."